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Application of Aversion varies from alcohol, cosmetics, soaps, detergents, antifreeze to toiletries etc. Aversion is available in both pharmaceutical USP24-NF 19 and commercial grades. Apart from this, it is also available in dry crystalline form, hydro soluble bags and custom liquid solution.


The dangerous part is that sometimes these out-gassed materials can be harmful and can be the contributors, if not the sole causes, of indoor environmental pollution leading to "sick building syndrome".

To avoid this smell, we offer customized designed high temperature perfumes for polymers which can be used for recycled polymers, synthetic lawns, and wood substitutes etc to give the apt smell for the surroundings.

Veterinary Drugs

We manufacture following drugs only on request:

  • Acetarsol
  • Acetarsol Sodium
  • Toldimphos
  • Phenazone
  • 2,4 - dihydroxy benzophenone

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  • Rodrepel
    Rodrepel is a non- toxic, non- hazardous, non- dangerous and environmentally safe animal and bird aversive.
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  • Termirepel
    Termirepel is Non toxic and non hazardous termite and insect aversive which has been designed for polymeric applications as well as natural materials like wood.
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  • Combiirepel
    Combirepel is a blend of the non toxic and non hazardous anti rodent and anti- termite aversives Rodrepel™ and Termirepel™ respectively. This niche product is designed to repel both rodents and termites effectively.
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