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Zinc Borate

Zinc Borate is an environmentally safe flame retardant. It is also a mild fungicide. Zinc Borate can easily be used along with other flame retardants like Antimony Trioxide, Brominated flame retardants, Organo-Phosphorous based flame retardants.

Tri Phenyl Phosphate

Triphenyl phosphate (TPP) is used as flame retardant in PC/ABS blends, in other engineering thermoplastics, and in phenolics. It can be also used as a flame retardant in other applications.

We also specialize in manufacturing following products on special request:

  • Aluminum Trihydrate SFCC 115
  • Zinc Borate 441
  • Polytard SP Universal Fire Retardants
  • Tri-N-Butyl Phosphate
  • POLYTARD 502 Smoke Suppressant
  • POLYTARD 115 SP Fire Retardant

They are also used in Cobalt Phthalocyanine Pigments, Cocoamido Betaine, Adhesives & Curing Epoxy Resins.

Mentioned below are the names of the short chain amines we manufacture:

  • Dimethyl Dipropylene Triamine
  • 3-(Dimethy Amino)- Propyl Amine
  • Cyclohexyl Amino Propylamine

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  • Rodrepel
    Rodrepel is a non- toxic, non- hazardous, non- dangerous and environmentally safe animal and bird aversive.
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  • Termirepel
    Termirepel is Non toxic and non hazardous termite and insect aversive which has been designed for polymeric applications as well as natural materials like wood.
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  • Combiirepel
    Combirepel is a blend of the non toxic and non hazardous anti rodent and anti- termite aversives Rodrepel™ and Termirepel™ respectively. This niche product is designed to repel both rodents and termites effectively.
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