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Phone Icon Telecommunication
Due to their relatively small diameter, optical fibers are more susceptible to rodent attack than traditional telecommunication cables. Wires and cables to are highly vulnerable to rodent attacks. This can lead to loss of important information and delay in transmission of sensitive information such as damage to signaling wires used in railways can lead to accidents.
Agriculture Icon Agriculture
Rodents significantly damage crop before and after, with an estimated 20% of the world’s food supply consumed or contaminated each year. Rodents have two major impacts. The first is the substantial pre- and post-harvest losses they cause to agriculture. The second is as carriers of debilitating human diseases. They even damage the agricultural equipments such as pipelines and tubings used for drip irrigation.
Gas Sector Icon Gas Sector
Sensitive applications such as gas transfer are also disturbed by chewing of rubber gas tubing and pipelines. This has now compelled the pipeline and rubber tubing manufacturers to fabricate products, with anti-rodent properties, complying with government specifications.
Defense Icon Defense Systems
The rodents have been a nuisance for the defense system. They move the underground laid mines from their original location creating a trouble for them to locate it again. They chew the cables and pipes also creating a problem for the defense to transmit information from one place to another.
Defense Icon Heritage Construction Preservation
Heritage sites have major crisis due to the rodents and birds creating a mess on the construction area.
Railway Icon Railway Carriages
Rodents often disturb underground train services and metro rail services. They are menace for the passengers travelling in train especially in A.C. coaches. Thousands of complaints have been registered by people travelling in trains regarding rodents.
Automobile Icon Automobile
Many of us have had trouble starting our cars in the morning as a rat or a vole had eaten through the cable. Complaints of car shut-downs and engine damage are extensive and prevalent globally. And to add to the dilemma, rodent damage is not covered under most auto insurance schemes.
OEM Icon OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturing)
Many electronics companies has been trying to come up with new methods to prevent the cable and wiring of refrigerators from rodent attack. They have developed anti- rodent sleeves using ROHS compliant polymer additives for such measures.
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    Termirepel is non toxic and non hazardous insect/termite repellent which has been designed for polymeric applications as well as natural materials like wood.
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    Combirepel is a blend of the non toxic and non hazardous anti rodent and anti- termite aversives Rodrepel™ and Termirepel™ respectively. This niche product is designed to repel both rodents and termites effectively.
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