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They include:

  • Benzhydrol
  • Sodium Molybdate
  • 4-hydroxy Coumarin
  • Absolute Ethanol

Absolute ethanol refers to ethanol with low water content. We have been serving absolute ethanol to the industry from past many years. It is used as a solvent for laboratory and many of the industrial applications.

We also manufacture the following chemicals on request:

  • n-Ethyl Aniline
  • n-Benzyl
  • 2-Methyl Quinoline
  • Quinaldic Acid

Rubber Chemicals

They are mostly applicable for white and colored rubber. They are used mostly in rubber tubings, conveyor belt covers, balloons, hot water bottles, injection bottle caps, footwear related items etc.

We serve two grades of styrenated phenol:

  • Rubber antioxidant grade MW 395
  • Ethoxylation Grade MW 395

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  • Rodrepel
    Rodrepel is a non- toxic, non- hazardous, non- dangerous and environmentally safe animal and bird aversive.
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  • Termirepel
    Termirepel is Non toxic and non hazardous termite and insect aversive which has been designed for polymeric applications as well as natural materials like wood.
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  • Combiirepel
    Combirepel is a blend of the non toxic and non hazardous anti rodent and anti- termite aversives Rodrepel™ and Termirepel™ respectively. This niche product is designed to repel both rodents and termites effectively.
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