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Wooden applications are highly susceptible to termite attacks as they are composed of cellulose which is the primary diet of these termites. Moreover crops are also vulnerable to attacks by insects, both subterranean and otherwise. Thermoplastics materials have always attracted insects. The plasticizers & the aromatic odors of polymers, the bright colors & the texture of polymer products attract insects. Moreover all these are sensitive applications where the choice of treatment needs to be not only effective but also non toxic and non hazardous.

Termirepel does not kill but only keeps the insects away by making use of the sensory mechanisms. Aggressive species are further deterred from attacking by advanced mechanisms like aversion, feeding deterrents, mating disruption, reproduction cycle inhibition, growth impairment and chemo sterilization thus modifying their response towards the Termirepel containing products resulting in them staying away from the application. Thus, Termirepel actually helps in modifying insect behavior.