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To develop horizontally as well as vertically by identifying rightly the apt market and application areas to enable us to expand our reach and increasing the market share of our products thus carving the path towards world leadership.


Become a global leader in our product portfolio uncompromising on our ethics and maintaining our green ideologies. We believe that having an edge in terms of quality in our products and services and a dedicated team of professionals, leadership in the niche area that we have carved for ourselves is but a natural transition.

To strive for fulfillment of our vision, we practice:

Kaizen - continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, supporting business processes, and management, indulging in activities that continually improve all functions, and involves all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers and constantly evolving processes such as purchasing and logistics, that cross organizational boundaries into the supply chain

Genchi Genbutsu - managing by following the principal of “go and see”. It is our understanding that in order to truly understand a situation one needs to go to 'gemba' or, the 'real place' - where work is done. We have deployed a team of competent managers at the shop floor level which is the ‘gemba’ where real value is added in order to solve problems which may arise at the shop floor level. These managers also form a part of the core team thus forming an inextricable link between the workers and the senior management and thus an essential bridge to proactive communication that benefits all.

212 degrees - going that one extra degree which turns plain boiling water to power generating steam. Nothing seems to change until the water reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which is water's boiling point. Nothing seems to happen until the temperature turns from 211 to 212 degrees. It is that one extra degree that makes all the difference. Similarly at the helm of an organization which is constantly on the brink of inspired evolvement towards a better future it is always that one extra degree of effort that will take it there and we have imbibed that within our employees at all levels across the pyramid to enable us to secure that brighter future.

Developing and establishing lasting business relationships with our suppliers and customers.

Under- committing and over- delivering.